Personal Assistance Services

The Basics

Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) support people with disabilities to live more independent lives. A Personal Care Assistant works directly with the person with a disability.

The role of a PCA is to help you be able to do what you need to do. Your assistant may help you with getting dressed, going from one place to another, preparing meals, bathing, or other activities. PCAs can also help you in the workplace to do different types of tasks. They can help with personal care, like in the restroom or at lunch breaks, or with job-related tasks, like help with reading, interpreting, lifting or reaching work materials, or with travel between work sites.

These services, be they at home, in the community, or at work, are called Personal Assistance Services (PAS). You can pay for these services yourself or, if you qualify, the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) may pay for them.

To have ALTCS pay for PAS, you must have a disability that ALTCS decides requires you to get PAS. For example, if they decide that you can live in your own home, but that you need somebody to help you with getting up and bathing in the morning, you may qualify to have ALTCS pay for your personal assistant.

This article will explain PAS in greater detail and will also tell you how you may be able to get publicly funded PAS. It will also explore important issues, such as using PAS in the workplace, hiring your Personal Care Assistant, and making sure that you have a good relationship with your PCA.

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