Prescription Drug Coverage

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

People with HIV/AIDS need to take a lot of expensive prescription drugs. Some people have private or public health coverage that helps pay for their drugs, but some people don’t. And even those who do have health coverage may still have drug costs that their health coverage won’t pay for.

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) helps pay for HIV/AIDS drugs for people who have no insurance, private insurance, or Medicare Part D. It helps with medications that treat HIV and prevent the health of a person with HIV from seriously getting worse, including drugs that prevent and treat other infections you may get.


To get ADAP in Arizona, you must:

ADAP Drug Formulary

The ADAP Drug Formulary is the list of medications that ADAP pays for. Arizona’s formulary includes all primary HIV treatment drugs, opportunistic infection drugs, and many drugs for treating side effects. To see the entire list of medications in the Arizona ADAP Drug Formulary, click here.

How to Enroll

It is best to complete an application with the help of a Ryan White case manager. To read more about ADAP, click here.

For more information about Arizona HIV/AIDS resources, call Arizona ADAP at 1-800-334-1540.

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